Atlas Design + Technology | About Atlas
Atlas Design + Technology is a web development firm based in Cincinnati Ohio since 1997.
Cincinnati Web Developer, PHP Programmer, MySQL Developer, Website Developer, Web Software, Freelancer, SaaS, Billing Software
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About Atlas

Atlas has provided dependable web technology services since 1997.

OUR services


We provide marketing communications solutions unique to your specific needs. We are confident you will find we have a thorough understanding of what it takes to complete your project with a solid foundation using sound techniques and dynamic programming methods.


Atlas builds dynamic web software using PHP/MySQL. With our development expertise, we are able to build modular applications, separating content from code, easing maintenance and redesign costs, and simplifying future flexibility and scalability.


We offer secure web and email hosting for clients in a variety of packages supported by our fast and redundant servers using the latest technology and fresh hardware.  We also offer PCI Compliant server environments.


We have launched several web-based businesses and have partnered with clients on new business ventures.  We are flexible, honest and open with capabilities, realistic goals and timelines.  We also partner with other firms as a trusted resource.

Our Philosophy

Our Approach

We accurately incorporate marketing and communications into every project, while offering a wide variety of design and technology services. We believe every business has needs and expectations that are unique. That’s why Atlas provides personalized service and quality product in every media in which we work. Our Expertise and experience in designing for targeted markets differentiate our work from the alternative.

Atlas will embrace the components of your business to build your project with character, depth, and integrity; creating world-class designs for clients who demand individuality and innovative creativity, all the while consistently maintaining your brand.

Straight Forward

We are open and honest when it comes to dealing with our clients. Part of our commitment is to help steer you away from pitfalls. We’d prefer you knew about potential mistakes and address them before they happen.

Structured Communication Process

We have a very clear structure when dealing with companies of all sizes. We appoint a single point of contact and manage the flow of information between our clients, our team, and the project stakeholders.

Project Team

We dedicate a project team right up front when we are discussing your needs. This approach tightly integrates the disciplines of design and technology, seamlessly formulating a solution that considers the subtleties of each discipline.

Proven Methodology

We’re strict in adhering to our methodology. It works time after time. Our experience in building more than 100 websites has proven that.

Staged Delivery and Progress Review

We have clearly defined deliverables so you can track the progress of your project. At the completion of each step of our methodology, we stop and review progress with you before we continue. You’re involved every step of the way.

Long Term Partnership Model

We aim to establish long lasting relationships. As our knowledge of your business grows, so do the possibilities of helping you develop it.


Kevin Coleman

Founder and Owner

Kevin Coleman, founder, has provided leadership for a diverse range of technology projects. His experience and knowledge spans the disciplines of web strategy, information architecture, interface design, interactive branding, and online advertising in addition to sound commercial knowledge that reflects the need to deliver systems that enhance business drivers.

Kevin has considerable experience leading software development teams in both an online and corporate environments, including designing and communicating internal processes covering the software development cycle from scoping and requirements development through to final functional testing and quality assurance.

Coleman has developed and launched several successful technology companies in addition to steadily growing Atlas Design + Technology, Ltd. to a well-respected and recognized provider regionally, nationally and internationally.